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Meticulously crafted, extensively playtested.

The NJS mouthpiece is a Guardala inspired, handmade tenor mouthpiece designed to be warm, moderately focused, and symbiotic with the player. Each one is meticulously crafted and extensively playtested by me. I’ve played Guardalas for nearly all of my years on tenor, and too much of the time found myself struggling to keep my sound from getting too bright and thin. The NJS is my solution, maintaining the character and power of a Guardala, while being richer, warmer, more controllable, and better responding. They are set up to enable the player to really sculpt their sound, sounding better and better the more they are played.


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began an adventure into metal casting and mouthpiece making, which have become huge passions for me. After years of methodical experimentation and refinement of both skillsets, I have arrived at a product I am very proud of. With NJS mouthpieces, I have sought to create something that honors the traditions of high craftsmanship in the saxophone world; that is made with care, attention to detail, and built to last. You won’t find any unfounded claims or gimmicks here, just my honest impressions and recordings of me playing the mouthpieces. Ultimately, I want my work to speak for itself: each mouthpiece has a 7 day money back guarantee.

Say It - Lucas Longaresi & Nick Stahl
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  • .115" tip opening

  • Long elliptical facing

  • Medium high, rounded over baffle

  • Medium chamber

  • Scooped sidewalls

  • Low profile duckbill beak

Playing Characteristics

  • Responsive throughout entire range

  • In tune

  • Can be pushed without tone breaking up

  • Stable altissimo

  • Clean, stable tonguing, no shrill or squeakyness



  • Perfectly even facing

  • Dialed in baffle

  • Truly flat table

  • Thin, symmetrical rails

  • Tip rail shaped to La Voz reeds

  • Clean filework, sanded interior with minimal tool marks

  • 0.67" bore (not annoyingly small on cork)


  • Cherry wood box with foam insert

  • Custom matching ligature

    • Classic 2 screw design​

    • Made from the same bronze

    • Lacquered to reduce scratching

  • Blue Sunshine polishing cloth

    • This is the only thing I don't make​


Made by me

  • Made in Washington, USA

  • From alloying the bronze to the final polish

  • Extensively play tested

  • Highest quality single-piece castings

  • CAD modeling, additive manufacturing, precision investment casting


  • Unplated bronze

  • 100% lead free silicon bronze

  • More corrosion resistant than brass

  • Can be seamlessley repaired

  • Antibacterial


Trial Policy

  • 7 day trail policy

    • You pay return shipping​

  • Mpc must returned without damage

    • Tarnish is okay​


  • Different tip sizes available upon request

  • Traditional beak profile available upon request

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